Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Submarine is a very picturesque cultural center of great popularity in the heart of the Vedado, that pays tribute to the Beatles, the most important group of Pop Rock of the years 60 and 70. In the basement of a building the music is remembered Of the Beatles, with songs, audiovisuals of that decade and live groupings.

The creators were inspired by the closeness of the statue of John Lennon that is in the park a few meters from the place. Decorated with bright colors that harmonize with the dark blue walls where the original texts of the most famous songs of the band appear, contrasting lights, a bar in tubular form like a submarine with hatches, keels and decorated with the images of the covers of the Albums of The Beatles, enlivens the place with songs of the Beatles, that create an atmosphere of approach to that time of splendor.

The Yellow Submarine, besides being the title of one of the classics of the famous group that evokes friendship, is Havana one of the most popular meeting places for young people and people of all ages who like to enjoy a pleasant Space in which they move to the nostalgic years of the prodigious decade.
Very close to 23rd Street, Linea Street and Paseo Avenue and in front of Lennon Park, The Yellow Submarine opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. With free entrance cost until 8:00 pm.

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