Delirio Habanero

Few places in Havana can afford to boast one of the most wonderful views of the city, where the Revolution Square imposes itself as a setting conducive to delight.
Perhaps because of this, the Delirio Habanero, a room installed on the upper floor of the National Theater of Cuba, has remained in the public's preference for so many years.
This piano bar - which emerged in the distant 1996 under the aegis of the Grupo Empresarial Extra Palmero and later became part of the installations of the Music Recordings and Editions Company (EGREM) - has been characterized by the variety of its Shows, the assiduous presence of great personalities of Cuban culture and good music.
Nevertheless, although in the beginning the space included in its proposals the bolero, the feeling, the song of author, the instrumental and the trova; In these times the direction of the place - in unison with EGREM - projects new strategies, which revolve around the possibility of rescuing traditional Cuban music from its most diverse forms.
This is the ideal place to rescue our traditions and for this we have several young groups that prestige the programming. From Wednesday to Saturday, from 10 pm, on the stage of the Delirio Habanero, bands like Mulata Son, Abel Maceo and their group, Son en Klab and Sony Ku, whose members, despite their youth, defend the Island sound.

There are very few groups that are dedicated to playing traditional Cuban music from a contemporary perspective, not only interpreting anthological subjects; So it is important that there are scenarios like this, that motivate the younger, who are eager to know what identifies us.

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