El Templete

El Templete

Avenida del Puerto, esq. Narciso López., Habana Vieja

Average price

$29.00 CUC and over


International, Seafood

Hours of operation

Every day, 12:00 - 24:00 h

El Templete Restaurant derives its name from its proximity to a monument which, erected in 1828, evokes the founding of St. Christopher of Havana town in 1519. Blessed by the 2004 foundation celebrations, when the town turned 485 years old, this establishment reopened its doors to bring back seafood tradition in the same atmosphere of decades ago. Turned into a peculiar gallery since 2006, this restaurant features art works by important Cuban artists who have joined a project devised by Basque chef Arkaitz Echarte Guerecaechevarria and Cuban visual artist Alexis Leyva (Kcho). Such atmosphere is the result of an initiative to link cookery with other arts. Each month, an artist exhibits his/her work and illustrates the menu offered during that time. The menu meets the exhibitor’s preferences, leaving his/her print in different spaces in the restaurant.

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Avenida del Puerto, esq. Narciso López., Habana Vieja

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