El Baturro

El Baturro

Egido, e/ Jesús María y Merced, Habana Vieja

Average price

$8.00 to $14.00 CUC



Hours of operation

Every day, 12:00 - 24:00 h

In 1919, Romualdo Lalueza, a wine and liquor wholesaler and importer from Spain, occupied the building where he had his warehouse and canteen café called El Baturro. Well into 1944, he advertised his establishment as an old and accredited house importing well-known Spanish wine, liquor and products. Nowadays, the Spanish food tradition and atmosphere still endure in the restaurant, although some Cuban food is also offered. It is noted for its variety of wines and national and international cocktails. It has a bar, a mezzanine and two rooms – the main room and a private room for a more intimate and special occasion. The Baturro is situated near the Cuban Central Railway Station and one of the best preserved sections of the old city wall is within sight. The old wall had been built to protect the town from unexpected enemy raids and illegal entry of goods. Puerto de Sagua restaurant is also in this area, serving delicious seafood dishes.

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Egido, e/ Jesús María y Merced, Habana Vieja

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