Horse-drawn carriage ride through Havana

During colonial times in Cuba there was what was called the Quitrín, a carriage of horses of indigenous origin, which became the main means of transport to travel the country. It had to be taken into account that the roads had not yet been created, but the paths were practically impassable roads. On board these quitrines were made trips on occasions of several days, with trajectories that crossed plains, hills and hills.

This tradition of horse-drawn cars has always served to measure the popular and traditional idiosyncrasy of the Cuban people. There are several itineraries in Havana for horse riding. One of them is the one that takes us by the famous Malecón, ideal for a romantic stroll in the evening. The view of the sea and the sun falling with its colors on the waters is really idyllic. Without forgetting of course to cross the most special corners of Old Havana. The sound of horses' hooves on the pavement will evoke moments and moments from other times.

The walk through Old Havana will take us to know its main squares, fortresses and other buildings built by the Spanish between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, pass in front of the Capitol, Paseo Martí, Central Park, Revolution Square, Cemetery Christopher Columbus and many other emblematic places in the heart of the city.

To give you a little idea, the price of a horseback ride in Old Havana is 25 dollars per person and a dollar per child. Most of these cars allow a maximum of up to three adults. Usually they are tours of hour and a half of duration, usually. You can also book the ride for some more time, although that is already a matter of arranging it with the calesero.

Not only in Havana is this tradition calesera rooted. There are even cities that this image is its tourist symbol, as it happens to Bayamo, to whom one even sings that of "I want to go to Bayamo at night to walk in its streets at night". Other special places in Cuba for horse riding are the cities of Cienfuegos, Camagüey and Ciego de Avila.

But for a song, as a remembrance of Havana's calesas, which in the voice of Carlos Cano became immortal, the Habaneras of Cadiz ...

"... there were horse-drawn carriages, which was by May ..."

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